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Reduce stress around cooking by embracing realistic meal planning where all foods fit into your busy life!


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From our customers


"I used to dread having to do my own meal planning. Now Brittany Jones Nutrition Group does all the work for me. The recipes are quick to prepare and full of flavor with just a few ingredients. I really enjoy this service and plan on using it for the foreseeable future."


"I love having healthy ideas and a shopping list! So many less decisions to make! My kids are also enjoying the meals!"


" I love having healthy meals already planned for the week without having to put the time/stress of meal planning! It truly has been saving me time and decreasing stress while bringing joy back to cooking!"


"This keeps me from trying to come up with meal ideas from scratch or flipping through multiple cookbooks."


" All the recipes are simple and quick to make which is awesome! And I love that each meal is balanced so I don’t have to worry about eating extra vegetables in one meal because I didn’t get enough from another. "


"My favorite part is that the recipes are created by a Registered Dietitian. I feel confident that I am getting the nutrients I need. "


About Us

Brittany Jones Nutrition Group was founded on teaching real life nutrition that fits into your busy lifestyle. We take a non-diet approach and focus on teaching our clients how to reach their goals through simple meal planning using foods they enjoy. Over the past 5+ years we have helped over 1000+ clients and developed hundreds of recipes!